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Older Adults and Income Tax
Usually, people who retire earn less income and therefore owe less income tax. However, individuals with a generous retirement income may still owe significant taxes. If you are required to file an income tax return and fail to do so, the IRS may add penalty and interest charges on any tax you owe. Exemptions ... READ MORE

The IRA: A Useful Retirement Savings Tool
America is facing a “retirement savings crisis.” Among working-age Americans, 45 percent have saved no money at all for retirement. This includes nearly a third of those between the ages of 55 and 64. Among those with some savings, 75 percent have less than $30,000. One way to avert your own savings ... READ MORE

10 Things Funeral Directors Won't Mention
It's very difficult to lose a loved one. You're in a state of grief, and maybe a state of shock. The last thing you want to think about is planning the funeral. Funeral directors are used to help grieving families handle all the details of a funeral. They have many responsibilities in a short span of ... READ MORE

Are Senior Citizen Discounts Legal?
In 1988, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed August 21 as "National Senior Citizens Day." It's a day meant to honor and celebrate our senior citizens for the many contributions they made and continue to make to our society. For years before the proclamation all the way today, stores, restaurants, and ... READ MORE

Checklist: Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Choices
Acting on the realization that your aging parent or loved one can't live alone anymore can be among the hardest life events you'll face. Finding and choosing a nursing home or assisted living facility means choosing a new lifestyle, and big decisions on finances and health. Keep the following factors ... READ MORE

Driver's Licenses and the Elderly
Few adults enjoy seeing the signs of aging. Our vision and hearing weakens and reflexes slow. Coping and correcting problems, by using glasses or contacts, can help. However, many drivers reach an age and condition where it isn't safe to keep driving. This age and stage is different for everyone. There's ... READ MORE

Elder Care: Nutrition and Feeding at Nursing Homes
In addition to receiving nutritious meals at nursing facilities, residents may be surprised to find that some of their favorite foods are served. Nursing facilities try to accommodate residents' food preferences and give feeding assistance to those residents who suffer from nutrition, dietary or eating ... READ MORE

Getting Credit After 62
Getting credit after you have retired from work may be more difficult than you expect even if you have an excellent credit score. The reason for this may be that your income is lower than it was when you were working or it may be that you do not have a sufficient credit history to get credit. You may ... READ MORE

Health Care Power of Attorney
A medical care power of attorney is a document that appoints someone else to make decisions regarding your medical care. Another name for this document is called durable power of attorney for health care. You should know the law regarding this document because of its importance. Reasons for a Medical ... READ MORE

Income Tax Counseling for the Elderly
Tax Counseling for the Elderly services provide free tax counseling and tax return preparation. ... READ MORE


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If the property is real property and is in Missouri and you are married then she can't do it without your signature.  

Need to know where your mother lives in order to provide an answer. 

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Can Medicaid put a lien on a house if there was a QCD at least 1yr. prior?

Q: Mother was taking care of grandmother. Mother then dies. Grandson steps in to take care of grandmother. Together they get a Quit Claim Deed. Grandmother gets injury to foot. The doctor advises ER v ... Read more

Is it elderly abuse when your mother-in-law sleeps in her car?

Q: My mother in law won’t live in my home due to her and I not getting along. She had her own place once and then she lost it. She has no job to support herself. She stayed with us for a while a ... Read more

Can a POA file eviction papers?

Q: My sister owns her home. She invited her son and his son to live with her. Since that time, she entered a nursing home. Her daughter was given POA. Her son has been selling her items out of the hou ... Read more

My aunt will not give back grandma’s house and cars in Ohio

Q: Aunt was over seeing my grandparent’s accounts and house. She was screaming at them and mocking them. Eating their food and spending their money. They asked to be rescued. I got them out of s ... Read more

What options do I have?

Q: My aunt is in the hospital and she has no children, no husband. She has sister in another state that cannot come see about her due to her own medical issues. My aunt has nieces and nephews that are ... Read more

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