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What You Need to Know About Healthcare Reform
It should come as no surprise that the interests of health insurance providers and the people they insure sometimes conflict. Providers want to minimize costs while plan participants want comprehensive coverage with minimal restrictions or out-of-pocket costs. Federal healthcare reform legislation that ... READ MORE

Health Insurance Fraud Raises Insurance Costs for Everyone
Fraud involves lying about something or deceiving someone for gain. The gain is usually financial. Health insurance is a complex system that opens the door for many types of fraud. Anyone who defrauds an insurance company is subject to a wide range of penalties, from charges under federal health care ... READ MORE

You May Have to Pay for Your Parents' Care
About half of the states say that you must pay for your parents' medical or nursing home care if they cannot afford it. ... READ MORE

Information about Long-Term Care and Hospice Care
When you face a chronic illness or disability, long-term care is an important consideration. Services provided as long-term care cover daily living needs such as personal hygiene, meal preparation, and transportation. Hospice care is a consideration when your illness is untreatable and likely to result ... READ MORE

Rules for Transfering Assets and Medicaid Look-Back Periods
Anyone thinking about transferring money or assets to qualify for Medicaid should know that transfers can affect Medicaid eligibility. ... READ MORE

Adult Day Care for Active Seniors
Adult day care gives caregivers a break from the round-the-clock task of caring for a frail elderly relative. It also provides stimulation and a welcome break from routine for the relative. Although there are benefits for caregivers and participants, you expect the day-care provider to manage your senior ... READ MORE

Continuing Care Retirement Community Provides More Options
A continuing care retirement community (CCRC) offers older adults the opportunity to make a one-time decision regarding retirement living arrangements. You pay an entry fee and monthly rent. The CCRC guarantees to care for you for as long as you live, whether this means independent living, assisted living, ... READ MORE

Nursing Homes Provide Various Levels of Service
If you have a family member in a nursing home, you may be concerned about your relative's care and safety. Although nursing homes must be licensed and must meet legal standards, problems sometimes occur. Dissatisfied residents and family members may deal with these issues by filing a complaint, suing ... READ MORE

Active Living Communities for Independent Seniors
Housing policies that selectively affect senior citizens can violate federal law. The Fair Housing Act (FHA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act extend protection to seniors with age-related physical and mental conditions that affect their ability to live independently. A retirement community's policies ... READ MORE

Assisted Suicide: Each State Has Its Own Laws
Each state makes its own decisions and laws regarding assisted suicide. Occasionally, the U.S. Supreme Court gets involved when a particular case reaches it on appeal. In almost every state, assisted suicide is a criminal offense. The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to force states to change these laws. ... READ MORE


Get a Free Evaluation For Your Elder Care & Housing Case From a Local Attorney

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If the property is real property and is in Missouri and you are married then she can't do it without your signature.  

Need to know where your mother lives in order to provide an answer. 

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Can Medicaid put a lien on a house if there was a QCD at least 1yr. prior?

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Is it elderly abuse when your mother-in-law sleeps in her car?

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Can a POA file eviction papers?

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My aunt will not give back grandma’s house and cars in Ohio

Q: Aunt was over seeing my grandparent’s accounts and house. She was screaming at them and mocking them. Eating their food and spending their money. They asked to be rescued. I got them out of s ... Read more

What options do I have?

Q: My aunt is in the hospital and she has no children, no husband. She has sister in another state that cannot come see about her due to her own medical issues. My aunt has nieces and nephews that are ... Read more

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