Scammed by low life using legit attorney name & bar #, the real attorney is only worry about his bar # , wanted info to use for his own benefit,

Asked on Nov 19th, 2017 on Elder Law - California
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Was facing an eviction even I own my mobile home free & clear, hired lawyer after checking his name & bar #, he end up scammer using someone else bar #, he token my money & blocked me, what can I do, real one seems to care only BT himself, this horrible guy caused me to be homeless, yes r living in my car, 64 years old & Cancer patient, this SOB still posting his services hurting others what can I do, I'm going to die in my car,
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Answered on Dec 04th, 2017 at 9:22 AM
First, I would recommend you contact the State Bar of California..they will go after this person who is impersonating an attorney..also, when you contact them you should ask for information concerning the Victim's fund that is maintained by the Bar may be able, if you suffered damages, to make a claim as a victim..there also is a Victim of Crime fund available in California and maintained by the State...
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