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How do i challenge power of attorney who is abusing his role?

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I was told up to recent that I was my mother's POA. My mothers health & mind started to decline & i went to start making decisions for her but was told it had recently changed to her companion who is continuously withdrawing her money and hiding it. Her health & care is the last thing he tends to. Her money is his focus. How can I have his POA revoked?
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Answered on Apr 17th, 2017 at 7:22 AM

Sometimes what appears from the outside to be financial abuse of the elderly might be something entirely appropriate.  So my first suggestion to you is proceed with caution.  If you've not addressed your concerns directly with the companion, then I suggest that you do that.  See what reaction you receive, what information you receive.  If you have siblings, you might considering asking them if they share your concerns.  Get a unitied front if possible. There's strength in numbers.   Have you talked to your mother?  If you think this person is abusing your mother, you have a couple of options.  One would be to contact your local Area Agency on Aging and report financial elder abuse.  You might also contact the police.  If your mother's congitive function is such that she can no longer manage her finances without help, you could petition to be appointed guardian of your mother or at least her finances.  You'll have to prove her mental incapacity and you'll be able to attack the companion's perceived abuses of her finances in that proceeding 

I recommend that you seek out a local attorney for a more in depth discussion of the matter. I do not recommend that you take any action steps without such a consult. Act quickly because by waiting, you may lose certain rights and remedies available to you.

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As adults age, they often lose some mental acuity while also facing more physical limitations. These health conditions put senior citizens at greater risk of exploitation and abuse. At the same time, the elderly need to think about their long-term medical and financial needs, and make estate plans to ensure their legacy after they pass away. An elder law attorney can work with seniors and their families to address issues such as advanced directives, powers of attorney, living wills and last wills and testaments. Elder law lawyers can also help families intervene if a guardianship or conservatorship is necessary. And personal injury law firms with experience in elder issues can help victims of elder abuse and nursing abuse take civil and criminal legal actions against their abusers.
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