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Usually powers of attorney for finances and health are in separate documents.  You should budget $250-$350 to have both completed.  Could be more or less expensive.  These are legally v ...Read more

You can change your will at any time as well as the titling of your accounts.  you probably can't change the deed but you should have it reviewed for a specific answer.  You should be able t ...Read more

This is a really difficult situation.  Is there someone else in your parents' life from whom they might take advice?  A pastor, financial advisor or friend?  maybe ask them to make the ...Read more

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What if the person is not competent enough to sign POA?

Q: My father is currently in a rehabilitation facility and POA has been granted to an in-law I don’t trust. He has early onset Alzheimer’s Disease and is unable to articulate full sentence ... Read more

How do I get my son off my deed?

Q: I have a legal mess on my hands. Me and my son co-own a home. He has done over $15,000 worth of damage to a home we co-own. I had Service Master in here and got a quote. It is a biohazard environme ... Read more

How does POA work when you have siblings?

Q: How does power of attorney work in cases where the parent is no longer there, mentally, has offspring, and has NOT written anything in the will about power of attorney? If one of his children asks ... Read more

Do I return the money?

Q: I got a gift from elderly person. On the check memo it say “gift”. Now he in nursing home and his niece ask me to give money back. I worked for this elderly couple for three years. She ... Read more

Must I wait for funeral home to sign their forms?

Q: My Aunt passed away in January. Her husband passed many years ago. She gave me keys to her home. Years later she had me sign a paper making me a beneficiary on her insurance. 5 yrs ago I noticed si ... Read more

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