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They don't "take" life insurance money, but if the person in the nursing home owns a life insurance policy, that will prevent the person from becmoing eligibale to receive Medicaid.  Most times i ...Read more

The probate process is intended to clear title to real property if someone leaves it in their name alone on their date of death.  In the scenario you have submitted, you will have left your daugh ...Read more

Your asking a straight forward question, but unforetunately there isn't a straight forward answer.  There are a lot of ways to protect assests from Medi-Cal, and it is going to depend on the indi ...Read more

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How? What?

Q: My mother had a stroke and is unable to care for herself. My father passed away 4 years ago. I’m their only child. How can I get power of attorney? Am I able to take over the house they lived ... Read more

Can we use a voluntary lien against a home for loaned furniture?

Q: My father passed away recently. He married a woman a few months before he passed who, well, let’s just say, is not the most trustworthy person. He left her his home in his will that was paid ... Read more

Can mom transfer $10K to me without IRS problems?

Q: I am investing my money (trying to grow it beyond being in a regular savings account) and my mom has around $10K that she would also like to add to my money but we are afraid it may raise red flags ... Read more

What are the options if a Power of Attorney refuses to do the job of a Powe

Q: My father has my sister as his Power of Attorney, due to having issues with the law (DUI) and not being able to take care of his own financial obligations (Bills, Mortgage, and the like). We (my tw ... Read more

Do I have a right to know who the POA successor is?

Q: My oldest sister is POA for my mom for about 3 years now. She has made some awful business decisions and wasting money on things that aren’t needed. She refuses to do much needed repairs for ... Read more

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