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I assume you have the proper form by now.  If not, let me know and I can prepare the proper document for you to assist your father with his medical/financial decisions.

It isn't illegal per se for your father's ex girlfriend to use your last name, depending on what she's using it for. What kind of public records? When you received a call about refinancing your father ...Read more

Yes, as the attorney-in-fact for your brother, you can be sued by a caregiver, even if unlicensed, who is injured on the job.  Treat everyone as an employee with payroll withholding.  You ca ...Read more

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Will I lose my house?

Q: We built an in-law apartment onto our home with proceeds from the sale of their home. If they need to be moved into a nursing home before five (5) years have passed, will they or us need to come up ... Read more

Can a person with a revoked license buy a car?

Q: My dad is elderly and is an ex-alcoholic with a revoked license (habitual offender). He wants to buy a van, so I can drive him to the store and appointments and frankly, take him to and from the ba ... Read more

Is verbal agreement with my grandmother legal?

Q: My grandmother has been saying for years she wanted me to have her house. She even gave me the deed. Years later my grandmother has dementia and my aunt is her guardian on a Power of Attorney. I am ... Read more

Can we lose our home?

Q: My spouse and I have lived on family land that is owned by my parents for 26 plus years. We pay our own property tax however it is on family land that has never been deeded over to us. We were told ... Read more

Can I be POA for parents if I have past IRS issues?

Q: My dad is 90 and my mom is 87. They are no longer capable of h handling their own affairs. I have been asked to take over as power of attorney by their friends. My only problem is, I have federal t ... Read more

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