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So long as your grandma has the mental capacity to enter into a POA, then she can sign it before a notary.  There are POAs for financial decisions and POAs for health decisions.  The best th ...Read more

I'm not clear on your question, but given the complexity of your case your best course of action would be to contact an attorney for a full consultation.

You can use a "quit claim deed" or a "ladybird deed" or leave it in your will.  There are options. Please see your lawyer to assist you.  Or, I can help. Please call. 

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Can Medicaid take my profit if I sell my townhouse?

Q: I want to move into a low-income apartment. Will I lose my Medicaid? Because I made a profit on the sale of my townhouse? I owe my cousin money and she will get my profit money. (Monroeville, PA) A ... Read more

Can his sisters contest his will?

Q: He had his lawyer do his will after the diagnosis. The doctor giving him a 10-year possible lifespan prognosis. He has no wife or children. He has two siblings older than him and nieces and nephews ... Read more

Can I sign her will if I am Power of Attorney?

Q: I have been taking care of my mother for the past 5 years! She has become sick and has given me a power of attorney! Could I have a living Will prepared if I have a power of attorney! (Pittsburgh, ... Read more

Husband’s father has cancer, can his sister write checks?

Q: My husband’s sister is staying with her father. Who is sick. My husband is the father’s Power of Attorney, but the sister has been signing the father’s checks and giving them to h ... Read more

Can I prevent my siblings from selling the family home?

Q: By way of my parents will I have 1/4 ownership of this home that I reside in. My mother has passed away and my father is in assisted care because of dementia my siblings are trying to sell this hou ... Read more

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