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I'm not clear on your question, but given the complexity of your case your best course of action would be to contact an attorney for a full consultation.

You can use a "quit claim deed" or a "ladybird deed" or leave it in your will.  There are options. Please see your lawyer to assist you.  Or, I can help. Please call. 

If the work that you do causes you to have dangerous level of high blood pressure, then you need to protect yourself by finding another job.

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Mother in a nursing home. Can her guardian sell our house?

Q: I have lived with my mother my whole life. I have cared for my mother the last 15 plus years. My brother had power of attorney though and put her in a nursing home 20 months ago. She is getting low ... Read more

How can I get power of attorney revoked?

Q: My mother has her boyfriend as her power of attorney. She has become ill but can very much speak on her own behalf and make her own decisions. The boyfriend is not allowing her to have a choice in ... Read more

Medicaid Estate Reimbursement

Q: My mother died at 66 years of age without a Will. We were not going to open an estate because there were no assets. However, I found out my mother was the beneficiary of my grandmother’s ... Read more

Can I create a living trust or will with my mother’s POA?

Q: My wife and I have been resident caregivers for the last six years of my aging Mother of 90 years of age. She assigned me as her Durable POA approximately seven years back. She is now mentally inca ... Read more

How do I transfer assets to an elder parent if I die first?

Q: I am an adult only-child (age 42), and my retired mother (age 68) has no blood relatives other than me. If I were to pass before her, I want her to be protected financially. I currently have her as ... Read more

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