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If she has a reverse mortgage, she shouldn't have a mortgage payment. If you stop paying on her credit cards, she may be sued for the bills and have a judgment against her. If she has no credit and ...Read more

First, I would recommend you contact the State Bar of California..they will go after this person who is impersonating an attorney..also, when you contact them you should ask for information concerning ...Read more

That is disturbing. I am so sorry to hear this.  Please contact a nursing home abuse attorney immediately.

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If a person is power of attorney of their grandfather, can they give themse

Q: Co-worker has power of attorney over his grandfather’s finances. Since then he has spent over $400,000 on buying himself vehicles, a boat, property, and other personal items on himself. The g ... Read more

Can I set up a special needs trust for my older brother who is receiving be

Q: My 70-year-old brother is a named beneficiary in my Parents’ trust and will receive $120,000.00. I would like to ensure that this money can be preserved for his needs going forward – as ... Read more

Does a Power of Attorney trump a Personal Representative in a will?

Q: There are multiple issues. My mother lives in the District of Columbia and has serious mental health issues, but she chose me as her Personal Representative in her will many years ago. I believe sh ... Read more

Can my elderly Mother change her “Will” if she is of sound mind?

Q: My Mother wants to change her “Will” to reflect the current state of affairs within our family while she is still of sound mind. My sister, the only other family member and the current ... Read more

Do you we need to cash life insurance policies for Medicaid?

Q: My daughter is beneficiary of a life insurance policy. The owner just went to a nursing home on hospice. The Executor wants to cash in the policy for the cash value for Medicaid. The owner of the p ... Read more

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