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This is a really difficult situation.  Is there someone else in your parents' life from whom they might take advice?  A pastor, financial advisor or friend?  maybe ask them to make the ...Read more

Irrevocable trusts can be valuable tools for protecting your assets if you're planning on qualifying for Medicaid, and for minimizing probate when you pass away- but can also be wonderful tools for la ...Read more

So long as your grandma has the mental capacity to enter into a POA, then she can sign it before a notary.  There are POAs for financial decisions and POAs for health decisions.  The best th ...Read more

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Must I wait for funeral home to sign their forms?

Q: My Aunt passed away in January. Her husband passed many years ago. She gave me keys to her home. Years later she had me sign a paper making me a beneficiary on her insurance. 5 yrs ago I noticed si ... Read more

Insurance company is suing my 90-year old dad with dementia?

Q: A homeowner’s insurance company insuring my downstairs neighbor’s unit has summoned my 90-year-old father to court on a 4K claim of subrogation for a leak to the neighbor’s unit. ... Read more

Can trustee allow her adult children to live in father’s house rent free?

Q: My father’s second wife passed away in March 2016, at which time my sister immediately had her children, ages 20 and 22 move into one of his houses under the stipulation they were to check on ... Read more

Is my Mom responsible for Dad’s nursing home bill?

Q: My dad was in a nursing home and passed away. My mom received a bill saying that she owed $1500 for my dad’s stay in the nursing home. This was over a year ago. (White Oak, PA) A: This used t ... Read more

Can Medicaid take my profit if I sell my townhouse?

Q: I want to move into a low-income apartment. Will I lose my Medicaid? Because I made a profit on the sale of my townhouse? I owe my cousin money and she will get my profit money. (Monroeville, PA) A ... Read more

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