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What You Need to Know About Healthcare Reform
It should come as no surprise that the interests of health insurance providers and the people they insure sometimes conflict. Providers want to minimize costs while plan participants want comprehensive coverage with minimal restrictions or out-of-pocket costs. Federal healthcare reform legislation that ... Read more

Health Insurance Fraud Raises Insurance Costs for Everyone
Fraud involves lying about something or deceiving someone for gain. The gain is usually financial. Health insurance is a complex system that opens the door for many types of fraud. Anyone who defrauds an insurance company is subject to a wide range of penalties, from charges under federal health care ... Read more

You May Have to Pay for Your Parents' Care
It's legally well established that parents have a responsibility to financially support their children. In approximately half of all states, however, the reverse is true as well - adult children have a legal responsibility to support their parents when their parents don't have sufficient income to take ... Read more

Rules to Transfer Assets for Medicaid Look-Back Periods
In addition to providing low-income families and seniors over the age of 65 with health care coverage, Medicaid also pays for long-term nursing home care for elders. If your parent is reaching the age where you think a nursing home might become a possibility, it's important to begin planning years in ... Read more

Information about Long-Term Care and Hospice Care
When you face a chronic illness or disability, long-term care is an important consideration. Services provided as long-term care cover daily living needs such as personal hygiene, meal preparation, and transportation. Hospice care is a consideration when your illness is untreatable and likely to result ... Read more

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If MO Healthnet (medicaid) pays they can always claim an interest in the home. That being said there are exceptions that will allow you to keep the home even if Healthnet pays.  You need to speak ...Read more

Has your mother previously designated you or another family member as a health care proxy? If so, you would want a medical determination that your mother is not competent, and then the agent would hav ...Read more

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Friend abandoned in a nursing home?

Q: I have a friend who has been abandoned in a nursing home. What steps can I take to make medical decisions on her behalf? My friend suffered a heart attack and was to never wake up. She was put in a ... Read more

As POA can I testify for my father at his elder abuse PFA hearing?

Q: My father can’t testify at his own elder abuse PFA hearing due to mental incapacity, I have POA, will it be denied? My father has been physically abused and mentally abused by my younger brot ... Read more

Can a 7K gift to my sister exclude my mother from receiving Medicaid?

Q: Hi. Looking for assistance on the Medicaid look-back period, details below. My mom "loaned" my sister $7000.00 3 years ago. My sister said she would pay her back but who knows if she will ... Read more

Applying to Medicaid. Do we need to mention gifts from 2-3 years ago?

Q: Our mother is going into a nursing home and application asks for any transfers. Do we need to declare gifts from 2-3 yrs ago? She has resources for approximately one month in a Nursing home and aft ... Read more

Do I need a Contract for Personal Service with my Elderly Parents?

Q: I am in the process of moving from my home in Pittsburgh of 28 yrs. to be closer to my Elderly Parents with Health Issues in Steubenville, Ohio. I have quit my job to be able to go back and forth e ... Read more

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