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You will need to hire an attorney to file a petition in court to be appointed as her guardian/conservator.

I think you could report anything you feel to be a violation, but I'm not sure it rises to the level of an ethics violation.  At the time your grandmother made this arrangement, perhaps she thoug ...Read more

I have never heard of the restriction.  I would move them in anyway, and deal with the consequences.  Maybe you could claim it was "temporary" that you are just providing care during rehabil ...Read more

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Can I get power of attorney over my mother?

Q: My mother is extremely ill and is refusing to get medical treatment. I’ve threatened to call an ambulance, but she says that she’ll refuse to go to the hospital. Can I get power of atto ... Read more

Can I be charged with neglect as caretaker of my uncle?

Q: I am caring for an elderly uncle who has paranoid dementia. I have no real social support network of friends or extended family. I am honoring his request and refuse to place him in a nursing home. ... Read more

Who has final say in healthcare decisions, a spouse or an attorney in fact?

Q: My 95-year-old stepmother is facing decisions about rehab options. My father, married to her for 27 years feels he should be the one to make decisions for his wife (she has dementia and Alzheimer&# ... Read more

Can my mother grant me a power of attorney if her domestic partner is not w

Q: My mother is 80 years old and showing signs of dementia. 14 years-ago a man lived in her house. Throughout those years my mother lived with uncertainty and anguish because this man is alcoholic.&#1 ... Read more

How do I instigate an audit of my elderly mother’s money? She is being swin

Q: I believe my 88-year-old mother received a settlement from a lawsuit and my younger sibling who lives with her and is disabled is spending it. He is acquiring lots of assets. (Bridgeville, PA) A: & ... Read more

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