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If the Ward is located in Phoenix, then Arizona guardianship law applies and the Arizona Courts have jurisdiction over him. You need to contact an attorney in Phoenix or the Phoenix area. Good luck t ...Read more

If the house is owned by you - I don't know how anyone could put a lien on the house unless you signed for whatever debt mom is incurring.  The Caretaker Child exemption becomes important in gett ...Read more

Usually you cannot close the case yourself.  It is up to APS to complete their investigation and then decide that nothig further is required.  IT will require them to determine that the case ...Read more

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Planning Ahead: Advance Directives

While wills and trusts are the crux of estate planning, there are other documents that are important to have when creating your plan. The advance directive is one such document. So what is an advance ... Read more

When a parent passes on, can Medicaid take their home from a revocable livi

Q: A parent is now receiving Medicaid. When that individual passes on can Medicaid or Medicare take their home?  A: If the home is subject to the claim, which could be for several reasons (in the ... Read more

Can my mom sell grandmother’s belongings to pay for her care?

Q: Grandmother has dementia. Been in nursing home for 5 years. Her money is gone due to hospital bills, nursing home and necessities she needs there as well as meds. Can my mom sell her belongings to ... Read more

Can my sister charge 65K for caring for my father?

Q: Can a person pay themselves for care giving when the person being cared for lives full time in a care giving facility? My sister paid herself $60,000.00 as a caregiver to our father retroactively f ... Read more

Death of a Conservatee

A general conservatorship usually continues until the conserved person (called the “conservatee”) dies. Courts and conservatorship attorneys avoid the term “permanent conservatorship ... Read more

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