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Usually you cannot close the case yourself.  It is up to APS to complete their investigation and then decide that nothig further is required.  IT will require them to determine that the case ...Read more

No -not at all - there is no repsnsibility between brother and sister unless they both signed the lease or rental agreement. 

Not unless the daughter also signed the lease or rental agreement.  There is no responsibility for debts of a parent in New Jersey.

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Can I hide money from Medicaid?

Q: Can I legally hide money to be approved for Medicaid by paying off my adult children’s credit card bill directly to the credit card company? Even if I never transferred money to my adult chil ... Read more

Collecting on a Financial Elder Abuse Judgment

It can take years to obtain a final judgment in a financial elder abuse case. Therefore, a critical first step when initiating a financial elder abuse case is securing the defendant’s property t ... Read more

Financial Elder Abuse In California Securities Arbitrations

California’s Welfare & Institutions Code provides a series of remedies for financial abuse of those age 65 or older. For years, financial elder abuse has been plead in investor arbitration c ... Read more

Will family members pay the price for a Medicaid transfer?

Q: Grandmother was paying $14k/month to private homecare agency so I (grandson) moved in to take over her care before she ran out of savings. She has paid me $2,400/month for the same care, and I have ... Read more

Can I turn down the adult protection service ?

Q: A lady from the adult protection service was contacted by my sister and the lady has came out to the home 3 times. She keeps leaving a card on my porch. I am 38 years old. Is there a way for me to ... Read more

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