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With the bill-of-sale - it would seem to me you are in a good position.  A person is presumed to be competent and it would be up to them to prove he was not, if or when they take the case to Cour ...Read more

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Will family members pay the price for a Medicaid transfer?

Q: Grandmother was paying $14k/month to private homecare agency so I (grandson) moved in to take over her care before she ran out of savings. She has paid me $2,400/month for the same care, and I have ... Read more

Can I turn down the adult protection service ?

Q: A lady from the adult protection service was contacted by my sister and the lady has came out to the home 3 times. She keeps leaving a card on my porch. I am 38 years old. Is there a way for me to ... Read more

Will a GoFundMe account for medical expenses affect SSDI or taxes?

Q: My mother is 59 and has a dual defibrillator in her heart, very lucky she survived the two-day surgery. She worked in real estate over 30 years and due to her heart is now on SSDI. Many of the thin ... Read more

Can I keep nursing home from taking all of my mother’s property?

Q: How does my mother make arrangements to keep a nursing home from taking her property in future? She is in a nursing home at present but will be paying on her own after 1/25/14. I would like to take ... Read more

Can I set up a trust for my mentally handicapped sister?

Q: Can I set up a trust or something similar for my mentally challenged sister? She currently receives state insurance and cannot have more than $2000 in her bank account. Otherwise, she will lose her ... Read more

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