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I think you will have an option to pay th etaxes due on the lottery winnings at the time you accept payment.  If that option is available, then you may not have to claim the winning as income. &n ...Read more

A medicaid attorney has many planning options to recommend to protect your mom's Legacy. One option would be a personal service contract.

yes - unfortunately, but is not as if someone or some agency "goes after" any of the money.  what happens is that a certain amount of the couple's assets are required to be used for the person's ...Read more

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Should I file a guardianship for my mom?

Q: Do I need to file a guardianship if the Power of Attorney is not doing his job? Mother is in a nursing home and brother is her POA. Mother is unable to communicate except for head gestures. Doct ... Read more

Will Medicare, if requested, give us a detailed list of money spent on mother-in-law?

Q: We are trying to get a range of money Medicare is going to try and recoup after her death. This will also help us decide on decisions we need to make regarding her assets that she has. Thank you ... Read more

Can I just take my dad out of the home?

Q: My Dad was put in a home by someone who is no relation and she signed papers so I have no rights. Can't I just take him home with me? I am his only daughter (both at a biological & legal sta ... Read more

Should my parents sell their house to me and my siblings?

Q: To prevent disputes after my parents pass away, my parents want to sell the house to my sister. How is the easiest way to do this? I have a sister that is crazy and we do not want her to cause c ... Read more

Aunt and Uncle taking my father's money

Q: I took great care of my parents my entire life. My Mother recently passed. I am being kept away from my 87 year old father. He suffers from dementia. My Aunt & Uncle are controlling Dad for ... Read more

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