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Has your mother previously designated you or another family member as a health care proxy? If so, you would want a medical determination that your mother is not competent, and then the agent would hav ...Read more

In order to sue the nursing home, you mother needed to have suffered some kind of permanent injuries as a result of the negligence. Since you did not describe any, I am assuming that this was a one da ...Read more

The proceeding you need to initiate is a guardianship not and incomepetency proceeding. Your grandfather appears to be in need of help and the guardianship proceeding is the appropraite way to proceed ...Read more

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Is she liable for husband's debts?

Q: My friend’s husband died recently and she has found out that he owes over $600,000 to various companies. For example, he had borrowed $ 10,000 from the firm. Since he did not pay it is now ... Read more

POA Aunt won't let grandmother leave nursing home

Q: My aunt has power of attorney for my grandmother. She is currently in a nursing home that she doesn't want to be in. My other aunt said that she is willing to have her live at her home being as ... Read more

How do I protect mom's assets?

Q: What trust should I use to protect mom’s assets if she enters long-term nursing care? How long will it take to be in effect? What else can we do? A: If it is foreseeable that mom will ru ... Read more

What do I need to do to prove my father incompetent?

Q: He has moderate to severe Alzheimer’s. I have durable POA.He is becoming more paranoid. He lives with me and my family and I currently care for him full time. He speaks more frequently abo ... Read more

Am I entitled to my deceased mom's share of my deceased grandma's estate?

Q: My grandma died 8 years ago and named my aunt the executor of her estate. My grandma's house remains unsold. My mom died 6 months ago and I am her only child. When the house is sold, am I entitl ... Read more

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