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This is a complex issue and it is possible to file a petition with the probate court to challenge the transfer of the houses to your uncle.  Contact an attorney for a full consultation.

You can contact your local bar association to get a referral to an attorney.

If your sister sold the house and gave the money to herself, she might be in violation of the terms of the power of attorney.  Unless the power of atotrney specifically allows for gifting, the ag ...Read more

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Can I sell my mother’s home?

Q: My mother is currently in assisted living and is broke. I am selling her house and would like to know the best way to handle the proceeds. I was advised to put the money in a single premium immedia ... Read more

I’m a Black Sheep. My brother has always been the favorite

Q: I still live with my parents and have a learning disability where I can’t get a job. My brother on the other hand, works two jobs for sixteen hours a day for almost 40 years. He has a beautif ... Read more

Can an heir contest a will if removed?

Q: A mother has a will made due to increasing age and to be prepared, she has two sons whom were both given her estate to split with special directions. If one wanted to live in the home the other wou ... Read more

Can I get power of attorney over my mother?

Q: My mother is extremely ill and is refusing to get medical treatment. I’ve threatened to call an ambulance, but she says that she’ll refuse to go to the hospital. Can I get power of atto ... Read more

Can I be charged with neglect as caretaker of my uncle?

Q: I am caring for an elderly uncle who has paranoid dementia. I have no real social support network of friends or extended family. I am honoring his request and refuse to place him in a nursing home. ... Read more

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