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Disability as that term is used by Social Security is soemthing that prevents you from working.  If you receive permanent disability, and then reach age 65 or retirement age, you then receive Soc ...Read more

There is not enough information here to answer a question.  If the trust is irrevocable, it usually cannot be changed, and payment must be made to the beneficairies as set forth in the trust.&nbs ...Read more

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How to get mom out of nursing home?

Q: My mom was placed in a nursing home by a nephew who has power of attorney over her. She has been in the nursing home for 7 years and 7 months. I have been a personal care professional for 20 ye ... Read more

Is it illegal to make changes to a bank account of a person with Dementia/Alzheimer's?

Q: How does victim proceed? For years, a lady had her only living relative listed as ITF (beneficiary) on her bank account. Now the lady has dementia. A distant friend filed for Conservatorship say ... Read more

Senior HUD living person comes into large sum of money

Q: If a senior lives in a HUD senior apartment and comes into a large sum of money, what happens to their status of living there? Also, what about Medicare and Medicaid benefits? How will they reac ... Read more

Brother with DPOA will not tell me where my Mother is.

Q: Brother and Mother live in Allegheny County, and I am in Wheeling. Mother signed a General Durable Power of Attorney over to my brother. Mother was in an Independent Living Facility, but after a ... Read more

Brother forged deceased mom's check

Q: Can I press forgery charges on behalf of my late mother? My mother died recently and we have discovered that a sibling signed my mother's name to several checks that were drawn on my mother's cr ... Read more

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